• Taizhou/Shanghai Ruifeidi Electronic Label Co., Ltd

    RF anti-theft magnet

    Suitable for supermarket anti-theft, book anti-theft, cosmetics anti-theft, and other environmental training products, it can be used as clothing price tag stickers, audio and video CD box stickers, washing stickers, books, and a series of small box products.

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  • Taizhou/ShangHai Ruifeidi Electronic Label Co., Ltd

    RFID smart tags, EAS electronic anti-theft tags, various flexible circuit boards, film switches, heating films

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  • Anti theft hard label

    The mini anti-theft pen label is easy to connect and disassemble, incredibly lightweight, and easy to store. They are suitable for many different types of electrical appliances and soft products. Tags can both be used as AM and RF, with many different detection pickup rate options.

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EAS product line

RF Soft Label: RF jewelry label, strong adhesion, good sensitivity, suitable for all 8.2MHz RF anti-theft systems in shopping malls.


Brand culture


In 2007, Taizhou Ruifeidi Electronic Label Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Ruifeidi Electronic Label Co., Ltd. is a trading company) was born in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, "the first ray of dawn in Chinese Mainland in the new millennium". At the "East China Sea Cape of Good Hope" where dawn first shines, Ruifei Di has taken root and started a business at No. 14 Qiming Road, Shangma Industrial Zone, Shitang Town, constantly moving forward. From a small company, we have grown into an enterprise with a factory area of 18850 square meters and an annual production of 3 billion electronic labels. Our products are sold in countries and regions such as Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, and Russia in China. Ruifei Di Electronic Label Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of RFID smart tags, EAS electronic anti-theft tags, various flexible circuit boards, thin film switches, and heating films. The product is mainly used for IoT logistics, product identity recognition, product positioning tracking, anti-counterfeiting and anti tampering. It has intelligent tags that can be written, read, and stored information, and is widely used in military civilian integration product applications, animal identification management, and other applications.

The company has advanced and complete production lines, mature RFID and EAS production technologies, and a sound management system, and has the right to self operate foreign trade exports. Welcome knowledgeable individuals to join and cooperate for common development.

Excellent brand in industry sales

Our rich experience in success has earned us a high reputation and honor in both domestic and international markets

technological innovation

Continuously innovating technology, constantly developing new products and solutions

Customized services

Personalized design and development, providing specific features and services

Continuous support

Continuous support and maintenance to ensure product operation and customer satisfaction

Data analysis capability

Extracting valuable information to provide customers with data analysis and reporting

Product categories

Product categories

Anti theft soft label

Anti theft hard buckle

Security door

Anti-theft unlocking device

Label decoding board

Anti theft protection box

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